Like a music playlist can have songs of every genre, length and from all different eras, casinos too are diverse in offerings and entertainment. Casinos are often immediately associate with gambling, and though that is one of the most prominent purposes of a casino and reasons we go, there are also a wide variety of other offerings and reasons to go to the casino; food, drinks, live entertainment, dancing. Overall, it is a great night out! Vancouver’s casinos offer amazing culinary experiences, lounge access and the best live music.

Edgewater Casino

This casino is located right downtown and offers accessibility as well as entertainment. There are over 600 slot machings, 70 table games( varying from poker to roulette). On top of all the games, lights, music and prizes to be won, there is an on site stadium attached to the casino. This means that the venue hosts everything from concerts, to boxing and everything in between. The fun does not stop there; there is not one but TWO restaurants on site, each with different and unique menus and offerings. Don’t forget the beautiful views, as this casino is located right on the water!

River Rock Casino

Not quite downtown, but easy to get to regardless, River Rock has it all. From hundreds of slots (over 1100) to live games, table games and sports betting, the actual casino is everything you have ever dreamed of. The River Rock is also a four star resort that is well known across the country and therefore its renound status has drawn in big names in music, comedy, sports and live entertainment. The lounge offers free live entertainment most evenings as well (on a more low key scale). There are two hotels, an entire food court and a more casual restaurant in addition to two upscale, fine dining establishments.