In Vancouver there are a number of univerisities and colleges. If you are looking to study in Vancouver, it is extremely likely that you will find a school or institution that suits your needs, field of study and desired location within the city. Below is a list and brief summary of some of the various universities and colleges in Vancouver;

1) University of British Columbia (UBC): This university is known across the country and across the world as one of the best univerisities in Canada. As a matter of fact, the university is ranked amongst the top 50 universities worldwide. Only a 20 minute drive to downtown Vancouver, there are a wide variety of programs offered at the university from undergraduate all the way to professional degrees.

2) Simon Fraser University (SFU): There are 3 campuses, one being right downtown Vancouver, meaning the school is large. Approxamitely 25 000 students attend this university. The campuses are all stunning, well equipped and located.

3) Capilano Univerity; a lesser known university but still a beautiful campus. The number of programs and offerings is smaller and the program sizes are small as well. The school is known for its arts programs, namely music.

4) Columbia College; This college is a piece of Canada’s history; it is the oldest independently owned college in the country. The programs are vast and even things like ESL programs can be found here.

5) Langara College; only a short distance from downtown, this college offers a nice blend of programs and offerings. Though the campus is smaller, there are still over 20 000 students who attend annually.

Remember to check university websites for more details and information on programs, locations and eligibility. Vancouver is a great student town and has lots to offer anyone seeking an education in British Columbia.