MSN Games, for many millenials, was a huge part of growing up. When you had access to a computer, had 30 minutes to kill, or were neglecting homework, msn games was the place to be. Canadian youth made msn games one of the most popular free game website on the web, especially in Canada.

If you are a Canadian born in the 1990’s and these games don’t make you feel nostalgic, I don’t know what will;

  • Bejeweled; a simple concept yet extremely addictive. Matching and swapping jewels was an easy way to lose hours of your time, but so satisfying.
  • Mah Jong Tiles; Based on a real game, this puzzle game kept us all occupied for endless hours of fun.
  • Solitaire; often also found on our desktops, solitaire online was the ultimate online card experience. Winning felt so good after the 8th game. The game play was simple, but offered users customizable features including the ability to challenge themselves by changing the difficulty level.
  • Text Twist; today there is no shortage of word games and puzzles. Text Twist could arguably be the game to thank for that. The premise of the game was to take six scrambled letters and make as many words as you could in a certain amount of time,
  • Bouncing Balls: The orginal matching/ball popping game with simple graphics and colors, but a lot of satisfying fun to get those balls to pop.
  • Backgammon: another desktop favourite, backgammon required careful consideration and thought as you select different squares on a grid hoping not to stumble across a bomb. You would mark the squares you felt had a bomb in them based on clues given by other squares.

All of these games still exist on msn games and can be enjoyed online for free anytime,anywhere! Relive your childhood through these games and so many more.