Canada is known for a lot of things; hockey, snowy winters, poutine, but lesser known are some of the great technological contributions made by Canada and Canadians. This includes video games. Below are some of the games that have been developed in Canada:

Assasin’s Creed

This is an extremely popular game franchise that has actually been around since 2007. Ubisoft is the developer of this awesome game. The game is essentially a battle between the assassins and the Templars; each party fighting for a different kind of peace (i.e. free will vs. control). The game features real historical events, figures and monuments. The inspiration for the game was drawn from the Prince of Persia but also the novel entitles Alamut.

Need For Speed

Another series of successful games developed in The Great White North, The Need for Speed, was first released in 1994, and is a driving game, one of the originals. It was developed for a number of gaming systems. The game features luxury and exotic cars that race in different settings. The game features audio and video commentaries, and it is extremely realistic. The work that goes into the game is the reason for its realistic sights and sounds as the developers and engineers work alongside experts in the auto industry to recreate the different cars sounds.


A series of 4 different games, Homeworld is a strategy game. Relic Entertainment is the brains behind the operation here, and released the orginal game back in 1999. The game is science fiction in nature, and is set in space. The premise of the game surrounds the concept of the Kushan exiling planet Kharak following the ruining of their home plant by another group. The journey to reclaim their homeland faces them with a number of obstacles to be overcome throughout their journey.